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Mascot wolfin

Mascot: Wolf

Motto: We will be known by the tracks we leave behind.


  • Independence
  • Ingenuity
  • Integrity

Colors: Green & Gold

Elements: Earth, Nature, and Lunar

Meeting Former Wolfins From History[]

About The Founder[]

Wilona Wolfin, a known shapeshifter, hailed from Scotland. She attended a well-known wizarding school there and competed in the cross-school tournament against the other founders. Skilled in the more physical arts, she excelled in transfiguration as well as having a great love for learning about all creatures, both magical and mundane. She served as captain of her house sports team in her final year of schooling.

Her shapeshift ability was well known in the school, as her first transformation occurred during a History lesson (which was quite derailed after her transformation into a wolf and subsequently falling off her bench in a scramble of paws). She was fond of using it to get quickly between classes, or to stretch her legs running through the forest. Though she was teased that she liked sports just to "chase balls and play fetch," Wilona teased back that if she was permitted to shapeshift in the air to play, they wouldn't have any balls left.

After graduation, Wilona led an illustrious career in transmutation research. Her most controversial work, however, was in the study of werewolves. Wilona was the first to introduce the theory that werewolves were not beasts, but individuals with an illness that, given the opportunity and with special precautions, could be integrated into society. Some reacted with outrage and hostility to her theories and she was the subject of many scurrilous articles and rumors, particularly with her known canine shapeshifting skill.

Of course, Wilona Wolfin's lasting legacy remains as a founder of one of the houses of Trefoil Academy. She valued independence, ingenuity, and integrity in her students: all characteristics attributed to the wolf, an animal which seems to have guided her life.


Notable Alumni:

  • Paws
  • East
  • Moony
  • Quark
  • Dream
  • Glitz

Non-Player Character Alumni:

Moth (NPC): a former head of Wolfin house who specialized in magizoology and survival classes. She often taught conjuration class as a method of building survival shelters. She was rarely without her guitar, and enjoyed filling the common room with song. Her whereabouts now are unknown, but it is rumored she is actively defending a wildlife preserve and its nonhuman occupants.

Eclipse (NPC): a former staff member who specialized in Illusion magic, she created portable enchantment generators that turn the ceiling of the house common room into a star-filled sky! She retired from teaching and is now a successful art designer, using her illusion skills for interior decorating and advertising signs as well as illusion-enchanted journals.

Stardance (NPC): a former staff member from Canada whose specialties include Aether Arts (especially Lunarmancy) and Astronomy, as well as Dream magics, and was the staff member most skilled at teaching lucid dreaming and how to ward off nightmares. Her current career is authoring stories and magical textbooks; she wrote some of the books in the Academy Library.

Towers and Year Groups[]

While the specific layout of rooms and suites varies from site to site each year, the room assignments of each of Wolfin's year group are often clustered together into these towers:

Years ~1-4: Moonshadow[]

This tower houses the "agnes" as well as many of the 3rd and 4th year students. Its name stems from the shadows cast by the light of the moon, which are fun to play shadow tag with! Moonshadow tower is represented by the constellations Cassiopeia and Andromeda.

Years ~3-6: Starcaller[]

This tower houses the middle age groups of the house. Its name reflects the growing magical strength of this age group, and honors the shooting stars of the night sky. Starcaller tower is represented by the constellations Pegasus and Orion.

Years ~6-9: Wolfsong[]

This tower houses the eldest students in the house. Its name reflects the growing wisdom, cooperation, and leadership of these students, who help look after the rest of the house pack and often call together the team to solve puzzles and share information. Wolfsong tower is represented by the constellations Canis Major and Ursa Major.

About the Culture[]

Wolfins often take refuge in forests. In fact, Wolfin has its own forest, and at its center is a grand treehouse where Wolfins can return to whenever the need should arise. Many a Wolfin have been known to be friendly with animals. Wolfin is a pack, in which individuality shines, but all come together to face challenges.


A few of Wolfin House's habits:

  • Aiming for the Vigilance award. While this does not happen every year as each group of students is different, it is common to find that alertness, investigation, independent thinking, and puzzle skills are well-honed by the students of Wolfin!
  • Enjoying a cozy den.
  • Collecting and caring for stuffed animals.
  • Bubbles!
  • Sharing a love for books, music, drawing, and/or other passions. Every member is unique and brings their own talents and interests to the team!
  • Bedtime stories! We're never too old for fun picture books. Goodnight Moon is a recurring favorite, though filking (slightly changing) the lines to classics like If You Give a [Staff Member] a Cookie brings us good laugh before bedtime.
  • Sing-alongs! Disney songs are popular.
  • Getting to breakfast on time, even if we're one of the furthest units away from the dining hall!
  • Looking out for each other. The strength of the wolf is the pack. While Wolfins are each individuals, we still help each other out to get ready for the day, keep the house clean, and remember everything we need (daybag/water bottle/neck cooler/nametag/bandanna).

Wolf Tracks[]

Wolfin House’s motto is “We will be known by the tracks we leave behind.” What track do you want to leave behind this year? Take a wolf’s paw, which has four toes. Each toe will be part of the track you leave behind.

The first toe asks us, what do we want to bring to our pack(s) this year? This can be anything, from a smile to a helping out, every contribution matters.

The second toe asks us, what is your goal? What do you wish to accomplish, and what is your plan for achieving it?

The third toe asks us, what concerns you, what obstacles do you face? How will you overcome them?

And finally, the fourth toe asks us, what feeling, attitude, emotion, or idea do you wish to help cultivate in your pack(s)? What do you wish to surround yourself with, what makes your day better, what is important to you? Sanctuary, creativity, laughter - it can be anything you can devise a way to cultivate!

These make up our Wolf Tracks. It is important that we remember no matter what our tracks are comprised of, that we can always use them to move forward, and as long as you are in a pack there will be others making tracks around you.

Rock Ceremony[]

As we work towards establishing our permanent site, Wolfin House plans to incorporate a rock garden. Each year, students are asked to choose a rock that speaks to them and decorate it as they wish. At the permanent site, these will be incorporated into a rock garden that will stay with the house throughout its years so that students can look back at the contributions of its alumni and add their own for the future.

House Specific Songs/Cheers[]

Song Description Lyrics
HOWL Cheer/Call (Let out your best howl!!)
Wolf's Taps Sung at Bedtime,

or when the house is saying goodbye

Green Trees around us,

Bright stars above, Friends all around us singing songs filled with love.

Taps sounding softly,

Hearts beating true:

Trefoil Academy sings goodnight to you.

Pale moonlight guides my sight

And a star gems the sky gleaming bright.

From afar drawing nigh falls the night.

Little Wolves A fun little song with motions Way up in the sky

The moon is so high

While in the forest

The little wolves rest.

With a paw on the left

and a paw on the right

The little wolves sleep

All through the night ( heh )



…UUUUUP comes the sun!

The dew goes away


The little wolves say!