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The Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery saga may be read by reading "What Happened" column. Below is a overall summary of happened each year and were the direct result of the decisions and actions of each year's students.

Lore Year Actual Year Name of the Event What happened
Prior to 1994 [Fiction: The in-game academy existed long before Trefoil Academy was founded. To learn more about the fictional timeline, please visit: Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery Timeline]

Historically, various magical schools would compete for the honor and privilege of hosting Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery. The academy would bestow the honor on a different school on a different continent each year.

Summer 1995 (2009) Trefoil Academy Presents

Hogwarts: The Summer Session

On the surface, it appeared to be a "normal" year for the famous wandering magical school when a certain Scottish Magical Boarding School was selected for the honor of hosting . . . except for three things:
  1. One of the staff members, East, hid the loaned school's House Cup. Eager to prevent the academy's reputation from being tarnished, the students fervently hunted for the cup and found it. Their unrelenting drive proved East's point that the Academy deserved to have it's own cup forged. The different houses submitted designs for the cup that was made.
  2. A mysterious individual, named Eyes Inthe Dark, was curiously providing detailed and confidential Intel on the various staff members.
  3. It was later revealed that the designation was not selected by random but rather the headmaster of the Scottish magical school had business with Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery.
Summer 1996 (2010) Trefoil Academy Presents

Hogwarts: The Summer Session

Before the term began, Eyes Inthe Dark, an infamous spy, contacted Headmaster of a certain Scottish Castle to alert him that a certain nefarious and notorious Blood Herald was making repeated attempts to infiltrate the school grounds. The headmaster requested that the academy return to provide added security in the off-season.

In reality, Eyes was trying to oust his sister, Garnet Itzel, by getting her to cross paths with the academy. Garnet was a rogue Blood Herald who was really working for the Westgaard Bloodline. She had been tasked on confirming whether or not the rumors of Vek Bloodline members were truly present at the magical school. In addition, she was attempting to lead a Blood Herald coup to destroy a major Vek ally on the Westgaard Bloodline's behalf. Up to this point, she had managed to keep her efforts hidden from the Blood Herald leadership.

The academy was lead to believe that Garnet was seeking to gather powerful dangerous artifacts, and this suspicion was initially confirmed when the house gems were stolen. In reality, Eyes stole the house gems to protect them from Garnet and to put the academy hot on her trail. Eyes later returned the gems.

Summer 1997 (2011) Trefoil Academy Presents

Hogwarts: The Summer Session

The real reason Garnet was seeking to gain access to the castle grounds was that she had previously buried 14 powerful and corrupt artifacts on the grounds.

293164, the current leader of the Blood Heralds, has now been alerted to Garnet's location and her activities. When he initially reached out to the academy, his estranged status partner who was the acting head of the academy (Ash) refused. Undeterred, 293164 then used his connections to have acting headmistress of a certain Scottish castle to persuade the academy to return. Since the academy has traditionally served as stewards for artifacts too dangerous to remain in the general public, the academy agreed. The academy was tasked with locating and retrieving the buried artifacts because the corruption was negatively impacting the castle's protective wards. 13 out of the 14 artifacts were found, and none of the artifacts were tested to see what they actually did. It was later revealed that they were the 13 shards of the Assembled Doomsday Device.

Aware that she now had 293164 hot on her trail, Garnet did not dare step on grounds herself. She cursed a necklace with a mind control spell and took over a faculty member's mind before having them curse other faculty. She hoped to have the controlled faculty smuggle the artifacts out to her, but the curse was broken in time so the powerful artifacts remained in the academy's possession . . . for now.

Winter 1997 (2011) Trefoil Academy: Hunted Winter brought hard times especially to the English magical world when a certain evil mage managed to seize control over the local government. While many mages opted to flee when given the ultimatum of join or perish, the academy faculty and students who stayed behind chose a third option. They helped organize pockets of resistance to begin fighting back.
Spring 1998 (2012) Trefoil Academy: Rebellion That spring, the academy's alumni network received an urgent owl from some of last year's students. Their boarding school in Scotland had fallen under control of minions from that evil mage. The academy has always had the mentality that attacking one of us means we all roll for initiative. The alumni and current students quickly mobilized to bring aid and reinforcements while the students stuck within the confines of the castle continued to lead sabotage efforts and push the evil mage's minions out once and for all.
Summer 1998 (2012) Trefoil Academy Presents

Hogwarts: The Summer Session

It was fortunate that the academy students had managed to remove as many of the powerful artifacts as they had the prior summer. Otherwise, events would have played out differently. The rebellion efforts from the spring had escalated the situation and it resulted in a battle over a certain Scottish castle. The protective ward took a severe beating and even came crashing down at one point. While the hearthstone needed time to recharge, it at least did not crack under the strain.

The acting headmistress of the boarding school had not wished to leave the castle unprotected, nor did she want to endanger the inbound students of another school. So, she placed a protective circle around the castle that would allow no living creature intending harm to cross it.

Naturally, this presented a problem to Garnet who realized that her still buried spirit stone was still on the grounds. While no one knew it was her spirit stone, there were Blood Herald agents still actively looking for the still uncounted for powerful artifact.

Garnet could not risk them discovering it. So, she kidnapped a staff member and created a doppelgänger to take that staff member's place in order to try to take down the ward from inside. Unfortunately, another staff member witnessed the kidnapping, and Garnet could not allow any witnesses to live. The murder crime scene was left for the students to discover when they arrived.

To aid the academy, 293164 provided each house with a different means of powering the ward while the students were busy investigating who was messing with the wards. One of the means involved casting a riftcraft related spell. If the spell was cast successfully, it would have tethered the ward to Niflheim.

Unfortunately, the decoding was not completed before the spell casting had begun. This resulted in an unanchored portal being created, and everyone present at the time as well as the location being marked by it. Where they go, the portal would follow.

When the protective spell around the castle collapsed, Garnet led a daring raid with other rogue Blood Heralds. They stole back her spirit stone and the 13 shards before traveling back in time. Garnet's rebellion had not been going well now that 293164 had found her.

Spring 1999 (2013) Trefoil Academy:

Escaping from Azkaban

With the chaos of the past summer, it slipped the students' and faculty members' mind that a report should have been made to the marshals regarding the murder scene. The failure to report lead the academy faculty being charged with covering up an active crime scene, and they were sentenced to a magical prison.

The students quickly realized that they would need to break their beloved faculty out of prison and clear their names or there might not actually be a summer term. Through some daring raids, tenacity, and clever manipulations, the students managed to clear the faculty members' names before helping them break out.

Summer 1999

(Traveled to 1991 & returned to 1999)

(2013) Trefoil Academy Presents

Hogwarts: The Summer Session

Time travel is a tricky business. It can have unforeseen consequences and should not be toyed with lightly. Garnet's trip back in time was fueled by desperation and had not been well thought out as a result. The laws of duplication prohibits copies of powerful artifacts from existing in the same time as the originals. Thus, Garnet's efforts to gather the 13 shards for the Westgaard Bloodline disappeared when she traveled back in time since the shards she brought back were the copies. However, not all hope was lost for Garnet. She still had knowledge of the future, and there was a severe power vacuum in 1991 due to magical politics. Therefore, Garnet opted to break into a notorious magical prison and release the prisoners in a recruitment drive for her cause.

The academy knew they could not allow Garnet to remain in the past because who knew what damage she could possible wrecked on the future. The academy quickly moved the artifacts under their stewardship to the off-site academy vault. Armed with the designed plans from 293164 on how to get back since time travel is normally a one-way trip, the academy then gave chase.

While the academy received reports that there had been an abnormal amount of dementors and other creatures from Niflheim present, they failed to realized that they were the cause because they were still marked by the prior unanchored rift.

The academy managed to chase down and recapture each of the escaped prisoners and even Garnet herself. Furthermore, the provided design plans allowed them to construct a mostly functional time travel machine in the shape of a blue police box. Returning to present day, the students then proceeded to debate what to do with Garnet. One suggestion was to turn Garnet over to her brother, Eyes. Another was to turn her over to the head of the academy to give to the authorities.

The students decided to interrogate Garnet for more information. After severely taunting the students, she then proceeded to lie to explain everything she did was in defense of her nonexistent daughter, and that the leader of the Blood Heralds was a threat to her daughter.

Much to the horror of the staff who wanted to arrest the murderer of one of their own and a baffled brother who was not aware of the existence of any such niece, the students allied with Garnet. Without doing their research, the students agreed to help Garnet gain additional resources for the group that she was working for (later revealed to be the Westgaards) before returning her to another time period where she stood better odds at being successful.

Actions have consequences. Now deeply concerned about the academy's ability to survive and how quickly they were willing to believe a lie, the current head of the academy (Ash) decided to put the past aside and reached out to 293164. She agreed to resume her role as his second-in-command with the Blood Heralds in exchange for his help.

Spring 2000 (2014) Trefoil Academy:

The Cursed Triwizard Tournament

With the English magical world still in a disarray from the battle with a certain evil mage, the magical competition was delayed by a year to allow for a period of reconstruction. While the students sought to help Garnet gather resources at this global event, various events were sabotaged during tournament.

Meanwhile, some of the staff made their own plans in regards to Garnet.

Summer 2000

(Traveled & got stranded in 1994)

(2014) Trefoil Academy Presents

Hogwarts: The Summer Session

The students carried through with their promise to transport Garnet back to 1994 per her request. However, the student community then suddenly changed their minds and refused to give her any further aid once back in 1994. Garnet reminded them of their almost unanimous promise and moved to threaten them. That was when it was revealed that Ash, the head of the academy, had obtained Garnet's spirit stone. The students used that leverage to get Garnet to back down. She left, vowing revenge.

One of the resources that Garnet managed to bring back with her was documented proof of the future. As the students began to hunt for the various books that Garnet had brought back, they soon realized that they had an even bigger problem on their hands. Garnet managed to capture the house gems. The two sides found themselves in a dangerous stand-off of mutual destruction.

At the students' request, a meeting was arranged with Garnet. She was subsequently tricked and given a fake spirit stone while one of the faculty members (East) rescued the house gems. When Garnet realized that she had been tricked, she was enraged and outright attacked the academy. She was subdued and that is when the academy discovered she had been acting on the orders of the Westgaard Bloodline all this time. The resources that they had helped her gather were in turn being used by Garnet to help the Westgaards destroy the academy.

When the academy sought to return to their own timeline, they discovered a problem. The Council, a faction that monitors the timeline integrity, had grown deeply concerned about the number of Niflheim portals that had been popping up. The fact that documented knowledge of the future was brought back was the last straw. Rather than allow the academy to continue, they opted to sabotage the time machine and stranded the academy back in time.

Winter 1994 (2014) Trefoil Academy: The Curse of the Secret Pyramid

The Westgaards used several of the books that their agent, Garnet, had brought back in time with her. When going through them, they discovered the identity of a large group of Mage Hunters called Vizier Aura Corporation. The Westgaards contacted James Harris, the grandson of the CEO and made a deal. They would provide the location of the magical pyramid and the mage hunters would get tangible proof that magic does exist to share with doubters. In exchange, James would retrieve the Rhoswen Canopic Jar and give it to the Westgaards. The Westgaards were hoping to use the jar to strike a serious and fatal blow against their enemy, the Veks. The Westgaards were hoping that since James was a mundane, non-magic user, he would not be hindered by the barrier.

While James Harris managed to break into the pyramid, he managed to get caught in one of the numerous traps that had been set. When his jar was not delivered as planned, Lord Westgaard was quite disappointed. However, he was not about to give up on letting go of the Rhoswen Canopic Jar that easily.

Lord Westgaard decided that he needed individuals that possessed mage talent but were not old enough to trigger the wards. So, he leaked information of the pyramid so that it fell into the path of Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery. He counted on the students falling victim to Harris’ likely pleas for aid and that they wouldn’t fully assess the situation before acting given that they had previously fallen for that trap with Garnet.

When the students encountered a trapped James Harris in the pyramid, Harris did not want to raise the students’ suspicions that he was a mage hunter. He was heavily outnumbered, and providing proof of magic’s existence to the mundane world hinged on his ability to escape from the pyramid alive. Therefore, he made a bargain with them if they would free him. They would be allowed to keep one of the items that he had recovered, and the students selected the Mask of Many Faces. James escaped with the Mirror of Truth, a book called Whispers of the Void, and the Rhoswen Canopic Jar with him.

On his return home, James Harris was waylaid by a band of highwaymen. He barely managed to escape the encounter with his life and the Mirror of Truth. When Lord Westgaard demanded the Rhoswen Canopic Jar, James Harris had indicated that he had been robbed. While Lord Westgaard hoped the jar may still be opened by someone unsuspecting, he played up his anger and extracted an open ended favor.

James Harris returned to his grandfather, the leader of the Mage Hunters, in America with the proof that he had been tasked to find. The Mage Hunters began using the Mirror of Truth to further justify their need to go to war. Meanwhile, Lord Westgaard made his own plans to use this growing threat for his own ability to seize power.

Summer 1995

(Disrupted the time continuum.

Returned to Summer 2000)

(2015) Trefoil Academy Presents

Hogwarts: The Summer Session

With the academy stranded back in time, the headmaster of a certain Scottish Boarding School was surprisingly understanding. He managed to reroute the "original Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery of 2009," to another school to keep them further away.

With their agent, Garnet, now obsolete and the academy growing increasingly a thorn in their side, the Westgaards opted to fully declare war upon the academy. Using the information they had gleaned from Garnet before writing her off, they launched several offensive strategic maneuvers at once. The Westgaards tricked and forcibly banished the headmaster of a certain Scottish Boarding School to Niflheim in order to rob the academy of an ally. The second maneuver involved flooding the unprotected castle and local town with evil creatures who would naturally be attracted to the energies from the unanchored rift. Finally, unanchored rifts grow in size when exposed to chaotic energy. The Westgaards hoped the rift would grow big enough to swallow the entire castle, students and all. After attacking and torturing several of the faculty, the Westgaards then destroyed the house gems in front of the students.

The enraged student body quickly organized and very quickly realized that they were going to need allies in their war with the Westgaards. The Sentinels and the Blood Heralds were the first two factions the academy allied with.

The Blood Heralds provided four goodwill gifts to the academy in recognition of the renewing of an old alliance. The first was the claw of a shadow beast, which is capable of destroying artifacts. The second is a riftcraft key that could anchor and close a portal before returning to its original owner. The third was time travel powder that would allow a group to move forward only once. The last item was a Box of Last Regrets, which would allow the academy to reverse any prior decision that they regretted.

While the academy managed to successfully reforge the house gems, they ran out of time and were unable to rescue the headmaster from Niflheim despite their brave efforts. Deciding the portal was too dangerous to leave open, they opted to use the aforementioned key and close the portal. Then, the students decided to use the box of last regrets in order to reverse the failed rescue before using the powder to time travel forward. The only artifact remaining in academy's possession was the shadow claw.

Spring 2001 -

alternative timeline

(2016) Trefoil Academy:

Educational Decree

Time travel is a dangerous thing to toy with. Initially, the academy thought that they had returned to the proper year of their timeline; however, they were mistaken. The academy was now stuck on an alternative timeline with no known way back.

While many things stayed the same, three major changes occurred: 1) the headmaster of a certain magic Scottish boarding school had grown increasingly self-serving and evil over the past few years, 2) Lord Westgaard worked for the Ministry of Magic and sat on the board of education, 3) Mage Hunters and magical society were on the brink of war.

In August, Lord Westgaard used his political clout to replace headmaster of the certain Scottish boarding school and instate Isidor Westgaard and his nephew, Mikko Westgaard as the new headmistress and headmaster. The two unleashed a reign of terror for a good part of the year as they sought to track down the map pieces to the Assembled Doomsday Device. While Mikko was forced to resign by the Blood Heralds, it took a combined effort of Trefoil Academy Of Magery and Sorcery and its allies in the spring to take back control of the castle from Isidor. In the middle of the chaos, Isidor escaped capture with several map pieces to the Assembled Doomsday Device.

Realizing that he would need more power to enforce his will, Lord Westgaard then began to politically attack and undermine the Prime Minister of the Ministry of Magic over the next several months. When the Upper and Lower Assembly finally opted to impeach the Prime Minister, Lord Westgaard had maneuvered himself to become the next Prime Minister.

Summer 2001 -

alternative timeline

(2016) Trefoil Academy Presents

Hogwarts: The Summer Session

Lord Westgaard has been interim Prime Minister for the past two months. Since then, he has enacted martial law upon the magical world society. In that short time, all individuals are required to register with the national registry and carry national ID cards that constantly track their whereabouts. There have been unprecedented arrests and mass disappearances as well as rationing of supplies such as water. Since he has become Prime Minister, Lord Westgaard has also been serving as the Mundane Liaison which has no doubt not helped their level of fear. Yet, there has been no outcry from within the Ministry’s walls but widespread support for his decisions. Lord Westgaard has a fragment.

However, Lord Westgaard attempted to use his new clout as Prime Minister to shut down Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery. However, because the academy had diplomatic immunity and operated under the banner of the International Confederacy of Magery, it was ruled that he did not have jurisdiction over the international school's operations.

During this time, the academy chose to help the Blood Heralds track down the a missing Rhoswen Canopic Jar. The students were warned not to open the canopic jar under any circumstances because it would release a dangerous enemy. In exchange, the Blood Heralds would seek out information on where the fragment in Lord Westgaard's possession may be. The students found the canopic jar and returned it to the Blood Heralds.

The academy picked up two more allies in the Lorekeepers and the Veks, and the fires of rebellion are stoked. Although some students unwisely send shredded Westgaard banners to the Ministry... Lord Westgaard retaliated by BURNING of the SANITY, the academy's good luck charm.

Armed with information, academy raided the Ministry to get fragment back. In process of doing so, the students discovered a prophecy called the Second Coming. They kept the prophecy for themselves and gave the fragment to the Sentinels. The prophecy deals with the ongoing conflict between the Veks and Westgaards and the usage of the doomsday devices.

Spring 2002 -

alternative timeline

(2016) Trefoil Academy:

Escape of the Magical Creatures

In April, several academy students traveled to America on their break to visit with a pen pal friend. Upon arriving, they discovered that their friend Nicole had been ambushed by Mage Hunters and needed to track down a briefcase of missing magical creatures. Nicole was particularly concerned about a missing Inkfox.

[2024 Faculty team - please turn this in for a game point in the ongoing scavenger hunt.]

The Inkfox is a creature whose blood is a potent magical ink. This particular Inkfox served as a Loreguard at one of the Lorekeeper Archives until the Westgaards had attacked it. The creature had barely escaped the attack.

As the adventure progressed, the students began to realize that Nicole was actually Nicole Westgaard. The reason she was after the Loreguard Inkfox was that creature had escaped the Lorekeeper Archive with Luner’s Amulet of Blood Absorption. In addition to being able to force information from someone’s mind, this amulet contained a mythical cipher that would only be revealed with the inkfox’s blood. However, by the time they realized this, the inkfox and the amulet had been captured.

A daring rescue mission was launched. The good news was that Loreguard Inkfox was rescued. The bad news was that the Westgaards escaped with the amulet.

Summer 2002 -

alternative timeline

(2017) Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery:

The Summer Session

The Westgaard-controlled government in the United Kingdom has actually had surprising support from the magical community. The Mage Hunters had grown increasingly dangerous, and it appeared that war was inevitable. Lord Westgaard has passed increasingly restrictive laws while claiming it is for the “good of mage-kind”, but the students knew better. Lord Westgaard was actively trying to encourage this war to excuse his agenda.

With the academy, Westgaard agents reverted to other means. They managed to successfully several faculty member and used Luner’s Amulet of Blood Absorption on them. In addition to gleaning information about the academy and its allies, the Westgaards used the amulet to brainwash staff members before releasing them.

The students worked hard to find out who was under Westgaard controlled and to craft a remedy to free them from the amulet's clutches. The longer that the amulet had sway over a person, the more information they had.

The academy retrieve the amulet and extracted the Heru Cipher. The students then chose to destroy the amulet. In response to the the academy's meddling, the Westgaards destroyed the certain Scottish castle!

Summer 2003 -

alternative timeline

(2018) Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery:

The Summer Session

The Academy discovered the ruins of an old castle grounds that strangely still had an active hearthstone in it. Upon voting, they opted to use as a new home base for the summer. Further exploration revealed that the castle was not only built on a leyline but there was also an active riftcraft lab in the lowest level. The lab consisted of anchored portals to the different realms.

Armed with the Heru Cipher, the student body raced the Westgaards to track down a shard that was within the Muspelheim realm. In process of doing so, the students rescued and returned the Cinder Puppies and returning them to the Fire Giants who own them, one of which had a shard on its decorative collar.

The academy had discovered that Mr. Sneak Sneak aka Galen Hayles of the Hayles Bloodline has the pages belonging to Whispers of the Void. He agreed to give the pages to the academy to decode once he was done.

Summer 2004 -

alternative timeline

(2019) Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery:

The Summer Session

This summer, the academy continued to take advantage of the riftcraft lab located in the lowest level of the abandoned castle. Search efforts focused on recovering a shard from the gemfolk on Terris.

Meanwhile, the students caught a Westgaard scouting party. When the Westgaards sought to flee, they left behind an artifact and a research journal.

The research journal suggested that the artifact could be completed. When activated near the hearthstone of a castle, it would protect the area against the Mage Hunter's Arids. Eager to protect the academy, the students focused on activating the artifact only to discover it was a clever trap set by Aidan Westgaard. Aidan had learn from Isidor and Mikko Westgaard's mistakes and opted to try a more underhanded tactic to bring down the academy. The activation of the artifact depleted the hearthstone and immediately brought down the wards.

Summer 2005 -

alternative timeline

(2020) Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery:

The Virtual Summer Session

Eager to show off to Lord Westgaard in his own bid for power, Aidan Westgaard relayed the location of the castle to the Mage Hunters and alerted them to the specific location of the riftcraft lab. It was his hopes that if the Mage Hunters brought their Arids through one of the portals, their anti-magic energy field would cancel out the World Tree, which is concentrated magic.

Allies alerted the academy of the threat, and the academy made the conscious choice to return to the abandoned castle to defend it. Failure was not an option. While it was a fierce battle, the students successfully managed to repel and break the siege.

Summer 2006 -

alternative timeline

(2021) Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery:

The Virtual Summer Session

At great cost, scouting parties managed to discover the location of the Mage Hunter's northern hemisphere primary research lab runned by Vizier Aura Corporation. The purpose of this lab was to improve the effectiveness of Arids by deconstructing a fragment. The academy knew it had to act immediately or the Mage Hunters would most certainly be able to win the on-going war. The students were 75% successful in destroying the research material that the Mage Hunters planned on using.

Only two tombs were not destroyed. Vizier Aura scientists now gained the ability to transfer the anti-magic field ability to inanimate objects, which will require a power source to operate. This would make anti-magic fields more difficult to detect and predict, and has the potential for nefarious traps and subtle subterfuge. Furthermore, Arids now have the ability to sense the presence of magic in a general vicinity.

However, the abandoned castle still remained unprotected. Just because the academy barely managed to repel one siege did not mean they would be successful in the future. Alumni from each house step forward. Working with the students, they began to do different quests to try to gather the various rare ingredients to see if they could possibly recharge the depleted hearthstone. Unfortunately, not enough of the proper ingredients were gathered and the depleted hearthstone was cracked beyond repair.

Summer 2006 -

alternative timeline

(2021) Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery: Pandora The war with the Mage Hunters has left the countryside war-torn. Through a real estate agent within Ravenbrook, a tract of land was recently purchased by the academy. A ley line once ran through the land but a swathe of Arids had swept through and destroyed the ley line channel. This created a host of problems, but academy prevailed and stabilized the area.
Summer 2007 -

alternative timeline

(2022) Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery:

Summer Session (Ruins)

With the abandoned castle lacking a viable hearthstone to power its ward, the faculty opted to go on a mission to obtain a new one before the start of the term. The problem was that hearthstones are extremely difficult to craft, and any currently inhabited castle would already be using theirs. However, the faculty knew of one particular castle whose stone was still intact and there were no inhabitants left who were using it. The Westgaards had destroyed this certain Scottish castle the last time the academy was there.

While on route to that castle, the faculty were ambushed by the Westgaards. Given that this was a secret mission, the conclusion was that someone must have betrayed the academy. Erring on the side of caution, the staff isolated themselves from the rest of the school, and a small group of students were deployed as a neutral party to go help them figure out what exactly happened and to help locate the hearthstone.

When the students tracked down the guilty parties, it turned out their intention had been to stage an ambush to prove a point. They had hired an acting troop to dress up like the Westgaards using the costumes the students had found the prior year. Unbeknownst to them, the costumes had trackers in them that activated once they had left the enchanted storage trunks which resulted in the real Westgaards showing up.

When the retrieved hearthstone that was stolen by the Westgaards, the students gave chase and retrieved it after a fierce battle. It was transported back to the abandoned castle but still needs to be installed.

Summer 2008 -

alternative timeline

(2023) Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery:

Summer Session (Payback)

Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery returned home to the abandoned castle in order to install its newly acquired hearthstone. While they managed to raise the protective wards, the Westgaard Bloodline opted to wield the law against the academy. The Westgaards accused the academy of breaking into their vault and demanded that the governing International Confederacy of Magery (ICM) either force the academy to return the stolen Heru Cipher or revoke the academy’s charter. If the academy’s charter was revoked, then the academy would fall under direct control of the Westgaards.

The academy was between a rock and a hard place. They could not afford to give the cipher over to the Westgaards, nor could the academy afford to be at the mercy of the Westgaards.

In the course of the investigation, the students noticed something odd about the banners in the Great Hall. The crest had been altered to include three other mascots that they had never seen before. When they questioned the staff about the change, the students were alarmed to discover almost all of the staff were only able to remember four houses. When the students questioned the head of the academy, she informed them that the academy indeed had seven houses and not four. Ash believed that the academy was suffering from a terrible curse. She had conversations with the staff on multiple occasions about the three cursed houses but each time, the rest of the staff failed to remember the conversation. She had commissioned new banners in the hopes that the constant reminder would help the rest of the staff team remember but it had not been successful.

Following the clues, the students managed to discover the culprits and recover the Heru Cipher. However, they could not bring themselves to hand over such a powerful item to the Westgaards. Instead, the students voted to strike a deal with the Blood Heralds. In exchange for the Blood Heralds redirecting the ICM’s ire by accepting blame for the crime, the academy agreed to help elect Lord Vek to the governing ICM board.

Summer 2009 -

alternative timeline

(2024) Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery:

Summer Session (Forgotten)

An ominous curse has cast its shadow upon Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery, a place renowned for the unbreakable bonds that form within its enchanted walls. At the heart of the Academy's strength lies its cherished community, a vibrant tapestry of friendship woven by students and faculty from seven noble and great houses. Each house unique and equally dedicated to a common purpose.

But now, an insidious curse has shattered this unity. It has recently been discovered that students and faculty from 3 of the 7 houses have mysteriously vanished from existence. The identities of these houses, their proud traditions, and the individuals who called them home have been erased from the academy's collective consciousness. Until now.

Last year, the students became aware of this malevolent curse and directly witness its power as they sought to convince the faculty. Curses, if not stabilized, grow stronger with time. Trefoil Academy now stands at the precipice of oblivion, its very essence threatened. The remaining four houses teeter on the brink of being forgotten forever, their existence hanging by a fragile thread.

Will you be able to unravel the curse that shrouds Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery? Do you dare to embark on a dangerous quest to discover the origins of this evil curse, to break its devastating hold, and to rescue your forgotten peers and faculty?

Time is of the essence. The future of magic and sorcery depends on your courage, resourcefulness, and cunning.

Join us on this epic journey to save our beloved Academy. Together, we shall endeavor to rewrite our fate, to reclaim our identity, and to restore the bonds that have been torn asunder. The adventure awaits. Will you answer the call?

Yes, I will.


ARG stands for alternate reality game. It consists of various artifacts (e.g. letters, pictures, items, documents etc). By sorting through the contents, individuals are able to piece together the story and gather enough clues to solve the mystery. There is a conclusion envelope included in the box so individuals can see if the conclusion matches what they had uncovered and to see what they missed.

While each box self-contains its own adventure, the adventure does take place in the academy saga universe and contributes to the overall story. Because the contents of a box are all hand made, a limited number of boxes are available for purchase at time. Since boxes are not limited to a one-year release, the conclusions of the adventure will not be detailed out. Instead, a brief summary of the mystery waiting to be solved and important overall story tidbits will be pointed out. Any spoilers on the conclusion will not be revealed.

Lore Year Actual Year Name of the Event Important Overall Story Points
2021 2021 The Unknown Mage Premise:

You are brand new hire of the Magical Eye Detective Agency, and your very first case involves investigating the sudden disappearance of your predecessor. Ryan Price Hutchins was a senior detective at the Magical Eye Detective Agency and known for being a bit of a maverick before he suddenly disappeared. You inherit the last set of cases he was investigating on along with all the contents of his desk.

Important Story Details:

  • Introduces the Magical Eye Detective Agency
  • Showcases how a faction interacts with the public can be different from how they interact with the academy
2022/2007/1987 2022 A Murder Most Foul Premise:

This particular adventure involves two connected mysteries in the same box and spans three different time periods.

The box starts off in 2022 with a letter from 392643 to the Magical Eye Detective Agency. In the letter, 392643 pointedly acknowledges the existence of the Chronos Lab, a highly secretive and confidential department within the Magical Eye Detective Agency. While 392643 does not explain how this information was obtain, 392643 offers a trade. 392643 will help them recover their missing employee, and in exchange, the Magical Eye Detective Agency would use the Chronos Lab to relay a message to their department employees in 2007. They would be instructed to reach out to Ash, the head of Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery in 2007 and the agency would offer to put themselves on retainer. Knowing that the head of the academy would be suspicious especially with the timing of recent events, 392643 provided them with a letter to share with her.

In 2007, the academy was in the process of relocating their storage unit to a new location. During the moving, the academy staff discovered a body in one of the Wonder of the Black Lake trunks. The body belonged to Allison "Whisper" Tucker, a professor at Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery, who had been reported missing in 1987. In the process of trying to solve the mystery, it was noticed that someone is still actively seeking to cover up the cold case.

In 1987, Allison "Whisper" Tucker, a professor at Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery. Belonging to the Ravenoth House, Whisper taught subjects such as History of Magic, Alchemy, Charms, and Advance Enthrallment. However, all was not right at the academy. As tensions steadily increased between different professors, Whisper suddenly disappeared without warning.

Important Overall Story Points:

  • The artifacts from 1987 reveal the existence of seven houses, not the four at are commonly known. The academy is under a curse.
  • The Magical Eye Detective Agency has the capability to travel through time. While they are not able to transport a person, artifacts and orders may be passed among department employees from different time periods. This allows them to address crimes throughout time.
  • The letter that 392643 had the agency share contained a coded message that detailed the location of a pocket watch that allows for the bearer to send information forward in time to a particular individual and/or location.