Trefoil Academy Wiki

In a magical castle nestled among the stunning landscapes of Norway, young mages gather to learn the secrets of magic at Trefoil Academy of Magery and Sorcery for Gifted Young Mages.

You are such a student, a magical protege. Residing in your house's specific tower, you proceed to toss and turn as the strangest dream visits you. It is filled with images of talking cats with wings and orbs that hold glimpses to strange worlds. Throughout the dream, one particular symbol keeps appearing.

You are then abruptly awakened. In the dim glow, you realize your friend's bed lies empty, a silent witness to their sudden disappearance. On the pillow, a mysterious note awaits. A symbol is drawn on it, the very symbol that haunted your dreams.

1.A) Wake up the other house members: Gather a group to collectively explore the mystery of your friend's disappearance.

1.B) Inspect the note closely: You carefully check the note for traps before reading it.