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Mascot dragon

Mascot: Dragon

Motto: Roar not when a whisper will suffice; but when you must, roar!


  • Cunning
  • Wisdom
  • Strength

Colors: Gold & Black

Element: Air

Meeting Former Dragonors From History[]

About The Founder[]

Obsessed with the study of dragons and convinced that they hold a secret knowledge of the nature of magic, being themselves so imbued with it, Henri Dragonor spent his life moving from colony to colony studying the communication methods within the colonies. He claimed to have discovered the secret to communication but refused to share it with anyone for fear of exploitation of his precious dragons for their knowledge by dark wizards. The secret has been passed down through Dragonor house for generations, revealed only when a student has proven themselves trustworthy enough. Henri is also credited with the discovery of three subtypes of Hungarian Horntail and a blue variant of the Welsh Green.

Famous Alumni[]

Henri Dragonor

Isidoro Giovannozzi

The teleporting cat

About the Culture[]

Notable moments:

1420 - Trefoil was founded, and Henri Dragonor created Dragonor.

1495 - Dragon jousting becomes illegal

1727 - Sponsorship of updating the Dragonor library – Donation from Archive Fuji, curated by Akunaki

Week later the Library Flooded – lost a lot of books/historical student records. Bonus got a lot of paper pulp to make new paper and books.

1763 - Akunaki eventually heard word of the library’s desecration and sent a second donation that was fire and water-proof.

1872 - Infamous and renowned Dragon Slayer Khari Quintanilla demands access to Henri Dragonor’s field notes and records. Historical firsthand accounts of the situation recount that Quintanilla stormed into the Great Hall demanding access to the records after being denied for years. The Head of House Isidoro Giovannozzi simply stood up and requested Quintanilla to follow them. Khari Quintanilla was later found wandering the bog of eternal stench.

Allegedly - The Golden Morning: a very long time ago Dragonor was on time for breakfast once. They were consequentially late for lunch. One heavily water damaged journal has mention of the most delicious golden pancakes, a party in the common room, and then an ominous message of “So much water. Water is everywhere.” – Journal of Glennys Goodew

1970 - Restoration and cataloging of the entirety of the Dragonor Archives begins.  

1972 - The Dewy Decimal system was retroactively added to the Dragonor Library. Mundane born and other mages familiar with the organizational system wanted an ease of looking up resources for research.

1983 - Tome of Memories passageway discovered. Connecting the pebble pits and the Dragonor Archives for ease of access and at one point sealed off for an unknown reason. Inside the passageway was a time capsule of a bygone era with original tapestries and ornaments, depicting, at the time, an unknown process. Later on in 2005, professors would find that it held instructions for an ancient tradition and legacy of creating personal artifacts: Positivity Pebbles.

“It was a fortunate find. A few of the older student volunteers were reviewing for a Runes practical over their lunch break when a keen eye uncovered familiar patterns in the baseboards and flooring they were sitting on. Further inspection from the students revealed that the rune sequence on the floor was much older and similar to original rune work found in the original areas of the school. The rune work on the baseboards were comparatively newer, though still indicative of rune sequences of the 18th century.

At the moment it is unknown what lies behind sequences. While writing this, the Rune’s Professor is scheduled to visit and give their professional opinion tomorrow after breakfast. I do hope they realize that since it will be the weekend, motivating the sleeping dragons into action is a Sisyphean task. One I was an enthusiastic member of.” - Excerpt from Darius Concello’s archive status report. A Dragonor alumni and contracted curator.

2005 - Goldie and Obsidian become allies to Dragonor house.

2005 -The teleporting cat: every so often a grumpy fluffy gray cat appears in the Dragonor house bringing cheer and happiness to those that meet him. He seems to respond to the phrase Home Depot.  

2007 - “The Fortunate Find”

A professor, while relaxing in the Dragonor House’s renowned and favored pebble pit, found a seemingly innocuous pebble etched with a rune sequence. As it was providing a positive energy and not inherently malicious the professor pocketed the find for later inspection and returned to their book.

When the professor shifted to be more comfortable, they found another one. That too was pocketed. Now intrigued that there was a pattern starting to form, the professor  searched the immediate area for more. They were rewarded and found a cluster of similar pebbles all giving off different, though positive, energies. Each with decorative or meaningful digits inscribed, the stones gave off a mysterious yet comforting energy, and the Dragonors soon realized that not only did these symbols have meaning and power, they also held legacy.

With the aide of the refurbished and exclusively curated library, the entirety of Dragonor House began to actively research. Within days, a galvanized group of dragons were able to piece together enough of the meaning and intentions of this tradition. By inscribing the stones, sometimes with runes, or art, or anything personally meaningful, a cluster of “positivity pebbles” was created. Dragonors could create their own, leave one for others, or take one if they were in need of inspiration. Inspired themselves, the Dragonor professors and students rushed to collect their own stones, eager to contribute to an ancient benevolent practice and create their own little pieces of peace.

About Specific Traditions[]

Positivity Pebbles (Please refer back to the “The Fortunate Find” for more information)

“Think happy thoughts!

This is true happiness!

That life is sad that feeds on its distress;

That mind is gloomy that subsists on gloom,

And is as dismal as a curtained room,

Where daily comes the sunshine, but to find

It cannot enter through the close-drawn blind.

Fling up the curtains of your mind today

And let the morning sunshine in to play;

Dwell on the joys and not the sorrows here,

Master your thoughts and you have mastered fear.

Think happy thoughts. “

-Excerpt from Think Happy Thoughts by Edgar Albert Guest

As a child Henri Dragonor was curious, and as all children of a certain age would do, set off into the woods and gathered little nick nacks and treasures of his day’s adventure; feathers, stones, shed skin from reptiles, and anything that called to him from nature.

“When oft I was a lad, I conquered and roamed the land of my familial estate. Besting foe, discovering new creatures, and oft naming and attempting to keep them. To the woe of my good mother.

My most prized possession as a lad, that has carried me through the trials and toils of life is my river stone. The recollection of hath day is as clear to me as if I am experiencing it anew. On days that seem to never end and the next far from sight, I worry about my stone. Seeking solstice in it’s smoothed facade and the etchings of my tutelage. The day lays languished, but my desire to be surges like a dragon on the hunt.”

-Excerpt from Henri Dragonor’s field diary on the study of Pygmy Dragons of the Isles

With the rediscovery of the Positivity Pebbles, it is theorized that Henri Dragonor possessed a favored river stone that he embedded a part of himself; likely any hopes, dreams, and aspirations to help him in mindful meditation, or a reminder to himself on personal musings.

Inscribing Ceremony

Carrying on this tradition, Positivity Pebbles are personalized physical representations of  personal energies and emotions that seek to remind and guide the owner’s path.

Students will inscribe their stones with personalized messages or images to be reminders of themselves.

About House Specific Songs/Cheers[]

Little Gold Dragon:

You can't fly on my little gold dragon

The Front claw's broken and the tail's dragging

Chuga, chuga, chuga, chuga, chuga

Second verse same as the first

A little bit louder and a little bit worse

Prophecies and Literature[]