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What Did I Just Sign Up For?[]

This is a high-fantasy, magic roleplay camp whose world has been reshaped by the actions and decisions of students just like you for over fourteen years! As a student, you will be diving into this world, making your own character, adding your own twists to the story, and leaving your own mark upon the future years to come.  

We honor and are inspired by many different fandoms and fantasy themes in our characters, world, props, and mystery! We do not directly re-enact any books or movies of any fandom in order to respect copyright laws. Besides, it is hard to have a real adventure when you already know the outcome, and it’s more fun when your own actions have a real impact on the story.

Character Ground Rules[]

Some ground rules:

  1. The phrase “Game On” is used to indicate when everyone is acting out their characters. Camp strives to operate in “Game On” as much as possible in order to keep the atmosphere. However, staff members will use "Game Off" to indicate a serious announcement. Students can call a "Game Off" as well if we are needing to chat as camper and counselor.
  2. Please do not impersonate an existing character in a book or a movie. We want to see what you come up. Likewise, please do not claim affiliation with the villain.
  3. Please know you can change your character role-play concept at any point. The concept can be as simple (e.g. your regular life except you are able to cast magic) or as complex as desired.
    • Baseline concept is: You are a young magic-user within a specific age range (or species-appropriate development range), and you have been accepted to a school for gifted young mages. You have agreed to the Trefoil Academy Code of Conduct, and have passed the Academy’s safety background check to make certain you will not be a danger to your fellow students or its staff.
  4. Even in character, you will need to:
    • Honor the Trefoil Academy behavior contract. This includes being able to get along with the other characters at the academy. Please no “Draco Malfoys”.
      • Why: This camp is a safe place where individuals may discover and explore their passions without fear of negativity. All of us faculty are old school geeks before geek was considered chic. We remember being heavily bullied for being different and being passionate about our interests. While many of us had well-meaning adults who told us things would get better when we were older (and it did), it did not fix things in the moment. Hence, the concept of the academy was born. It is a sanctuary. We provide a sanctuary so that you will able to discover and explore your passions without the fear of negativity.
    • Follow the Trefoil Academy rules, which exist for your safety. If you are unsure of why a rule exists, we are always more than happy to explain the why.
      • We are aware that many adventures in books/media involve "characters breaking the rules". We provide opportunities to have your character do so where the counselors are aware of what is going on but they are pretending otherwise. If there is a particular type of "rule-breaking" adventure you are wanting to go on, Please call a "Game Off", speak up, and we will brainstorm with you of how to do it safely and in the spirit of the behavior contract.
  5. Please do not be shy about asking for help! We have a saying "SOS: Asking for help is a sign of smarts." We got you.

Ready To Get Started?[]