Trefoil Academy Wiki

Character Class and Role[]

No, this is not referring to whether you have a 9am Potions class!

Character class is a way to describe your style and specialization as a mage, such as a Healer/Medi-witch who focuses on being able to heal and cure others. Many classic “classes” from other games, such as sorcerers, rogues, and bards, can easily be created! However, unlike some other systems, you are not locked in particular set of techniques in our system. You can be talented at close quarter combat and an excellent lock-picker.

Like species, a character class is used to help define your character and can be used as a theme to get suggestions on you might choose your spells/stats, but does not limit your choices or actions. They are just ideas to get you started and help you figure out how you like to engage in combat and roleplay.

Examples include:

  • Healer: someone focused on healing and curing their allies
  • Ranged attacker: someone focused on attacking the enemy from far away
  • Guardian: aka tank, someone focused on protecting and shielding others
  • Melee or close-range attacker: someone focused on fighting up close
  • Stealth: someone focused on sneaking and avoiding being targeted
  • Summoner or Pet-user: someone who focuses on using pets to battle
  • Shapeshifter: someone who prefers to fight in another form
  • Controller: someone who prefers to hinder their opponents rather than damaging
  • Crafter: someone who focuses on making potions, scrolls, enchantments, and/or armor

Please know that you do not have to stick to a specific role or class; in fact, we encourage you to have a variety of spells and experiment with different styles!